CSG Resumes the Power Supply Project for the Laos-China Railway

信息来源:CSG  发布时间2020-03-16

Laos - China Southern Power Grid Yunnan International Co. Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has resumed the external power supply project of the Laos section of the Laos-China Railway to ensure its full operation by the end of March 2020.

At present, the first batch of healthy workers from China have arrived in Laos with materials, equipment and machinery ready and prepared for the resumption of work.

This specific section is a critical linchpin project for the Laos-China Railway to open on schedule and for the interconnectivity of infrastructure between the two countries.

Workers from the CSG Yunnan International Co., Ltd. would have been dispatched to Laos by the end of January, but found their schedules upended by the COVID-19 epidemic as preparations were dramatically slowed.

However, the Laos-China Railway, a key transportation project of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, continues unimpeded. Last month, CSG Yunnan International Co., Ltd. senior managers adjusted the construction schedule with all construction and supervisory parties involved.

To ensure the work on schedule, human resources became key for the resumption of the project, and the health of workers became the #1 priority.

At present, most workers who has arrived in Laos are from Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangdong. More construction teams are expected to be dispatched after a 14 day quarantined declares all workers to be 100% COVID-19 free. Approximately 900 workers, including some 300 Chinese workers will be dispatched to all construction sites in Laos.

Most of the materials and power equipment needed for this rail project are originate from China. To deliver the materials and equipment on time, Yunnan International Co., Ltd. senior managers coordinated the project with all parties involved and planned the structural delivery with producers, logistics providers and declaration enterprises.

During the epidemic, Yunnan International Co., Ltd. senior managers likewise were updating the information of epidemic prevention and management as well as the construction schedule for the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Laos and Electricite du Laos (EDL).

“It is very considerate of the Power Supply Team for the Laos-China Railway to consistently update us on their project status,” said Mr. Gnanhkham, Deputy Director of EDL Transmission Line and Substation Development Department, adding, “they bucked for smooth communication and coordinated with parties in China and Laos. It’s my great honor to work with them.”