Vinh Tan 1 Power Plant in Vietnam Inks Contracts for Comprehensive Utilization of Fly Ash

信息来源:CSG  发布时间2020-03-16

Vinh Tan, Vietnam - An online video signing ceremony was recently held here in Vietnam.

At one end of the video link, senior leaders of the Vinh Tan 1 Power Company Ltd. (Vietnam Vinh Tan Company), signed contracts for the comprehensive utilization of fly ash with Mineral Exploitation JSC SHB HANOI, THT Trade and Investment Development JSC, ORIENT WEALTH Company Limited and other companies.

At the other end of the video link, were likewise the senior leaders of CSG International Co. Ltd. that witnessed the signing of the contracts.

The Signing Ceremony

Senior Managers of CSG International Co. Ltd Witnessed the Contract Signing in Guangzhou

It is expected that after the signing of the contracts that more than 700,000 tons of fly ash will be utilized annually which is expected to boost the environmental protection and construction industry in Vietnam.

In recent years, the Vietnamese government has attached greater importance to the environmental issues arising from the landfill of fly ash in coal-fired power plants.

Senior managers from the Vinh Tan 1 Power Plant fully considered the need for comprehensive utilization of fly ash at the beginning of its construction and prepared for the deep utilization of fly ash in its design and construction of ash conveying system and the separation of fly ash reserved in ash warehouse.

The senior managers of CSG International Co. Ltd. expressed their desire that the Company’s partners could make comprehensive use of fly ash as soon as possible and to the maximum extent, to make a greater contribution to Vietnam’s environmental protection and construction industry.

The Vinh Tan 1 Power Plant and the on-site operation and maintenance units are expected to give more attention to the comprehensive utilization of fly ash and ensure that the comprehensive utilization meets the environmental requirements of Vietnam and produces no secondary pollution.

The Company is expected to invest more resources together with the contracting companies to protect the environment.